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Scrolling TikTok.  Humans are so creative!

guiltiest pleasure:

Vermont, Washington, D.C., Rome, and Hong Kong

Places lived:

40+ countries, 40+ US states, and 6 continents

places visited:


Wanderlust: a shy little girl's best friend

my story

As a kid, I used to sit on the shaggy green carpet of my bedroom in a trailer in rural Vermont and spin my Globemaster globe, tracing my little fingers over its surface and watching as countries, cities, oceans, and mountain ranges whisked past my eyes in a magical blur.

When it came to a stop, I'd lift my finger to see where I'd landed. Then I'd open my world atlas and study every detail, from the population, the languages, the cultures, the photos, and more. I'd stare at the rolling green hills out my window and feel bewildered that places like Tokyo or the Sahara Desert existed in the same world that I did.

As I got older, I loved to play Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? which would take my little detective self from the Pyramids to the Great Wall of China to the Eiffel Tower all in one game. I quickly memorized the clues, knowing that "Nice" belonged to France and "Karachi" belonged to Pakistan. My mouth salivated at the thought of what those places looked like in real life. What they smelled like, sounded like, tasted like, and felt like.

So I vowed to find out -- to get myself there and see with my own two eyes the places that inspired me when I was young. Eventually I made that dream my full time career, but from quitting my job, to a series of flopped businesses, to facing my biggest demons and insecurities along the way, the road to get here was long and the path certainly not linear. But what else can you expect on the road less traveled?

Today I'm passionate about fulfilling that little girl's dream by traveling the world and creating content that shows other people the world, too. I want to show them places they had no idea existed. I want to show them the world is both big and small. I want to show them there are endless places to explore and fall in love with. And most importantly, I want to inspire them to live their best, boldest lives -- even if that means starting over again.

  • Tourism boards for countries, states, and cities
  • Hotels, Airbnbs, bed & breakfasts, glamping sites
  • Airlines, luxury transportation, boat cruises
  • Local businesses, like restaurants, bars, speakeasies, boutiques, etc.
  • Local activities like hot air balloons or beach picnics
  • Wellness practices like cupping, floating, massages, acupuncture, cold plunges, etc.
  • Wellness products like skincare brands, CBD supplements, wellness devices, etc.
  • Travel necessities like luggage, packing cubes, eye masks, etc.
  • Travel friendly brands like travel-sized products, convertible shoes, compact products, etc.
  • Locally owned, women-owned, LGBTQ+ owned, and BIPOC-owned businesses

Are you the espresso to my martini?

my dream clients ARE...

Nothing bad happens when women make more money

Each quarter, I donate to organizations supporting women's health, mental health, and veterans affairs. If you're curious about these organizations and why they mean so much to me, I'd love to share that part of my story with you.






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