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Stories bring people together

Our brains are wired to keep us safe and use our emotions to gauge who we can trust

Being told a story activates the parts of our brain tied to emotions

Sharing stories is the most effective way to build true connections with your audience

Your story is a huge part of why you do what you do...
so why is using it in your marketing so confusing?
What if instead you could...

  • Communicate your story from a place of empowerment while respecting your boundaries and privacy
  • Feel at ease knowing your stories are reinforcing your brand's bigger message
  • Easily find the right story to tell and know exactly how to connect it to your audience
  • Actually have fun creating content that is authentic to you
  • Know exactly how to infuse stories into every aspect of your marketing so that it feels good -- not sleazy -- to show up and promote your business
  • Become someone's favorite brand and storyteller and impact them in a deeper way

Does this sound like you?

  • You don't know how to talk about your story
  • You struggle to find the right stories to tell
  • You struggle to connect your stories to your audience
  • You don't want to overshare or confuse people
  • You don't want to diminish your credibility or have others see you in a different light
  • You want to create deeper connections with others
  • You don't know how to use storytelling in your marketing

"Heather is phenomenal. I find storytelling very difficult but every time I talk to her, more ideas come to the surface and I get so excited!"

Jen V.
Jen Vazquez Media, Pinterest Expert

"I kind of wish I could meet Heather for the first time again because that feeling of being flooded with clarity is unmatched"

Jess J.
Founder, The TMRW Collective

When we consume a story, our brain releases chemicals that make us feel good and help us retain information

This is why we remember stories up to 22x more than facts or figures alone, and also why we feel emotionally connected to the storyteller

Let's Tell Your Stories

92% of consumers want brands to tell stories in their marketing because it doesn't feel like we're being "sold to"

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I'm a chronic over-sharer, introspective empath, and highly-sensitive person who never quite fit in as a consultant for a Fortune 10 company.

I knew the corporate hustle wasn't for me. I struggled to grasp data that made my right brain spin and I hated working for men who got so angry they threw markers across the room. Yeah, that happened.

My dad's death ignited a fire of self-reckoning that led me to quit my career, find entrepreneurship, and eventually create Storytellher Co.

Doing so brought me back to a skill that has always felt like home and now I get to spend my days helping women uncover and share their stories with others to create more impact in the world.

I'm on a mission to change the face of online marketing so that shared experiences, genuine human connection, and the transformative power of our stories are at the forefront.

Work with Me

I'm Heather

I help you build a brand people connect with

hey there,

Before working with Heather my brand lacked clarity, which made me frustrated and sad because I know people need this service. Now, there is a calmness around my brand and myself. We have moved from frantic confusion to a reassured confidence. Heather made me stand up and take myself seriously. She showed me how to play to my strengths. She guided me to the areas where I can perform best. She helped me refine my ideas and turn it into a more structured message and business.

The value of Heather's service is incredible. She is a branding badass.

Daisy M.
Founder of Spiritual Mixtape

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Before working with Heather my message was so unclear and all knotted in my head. Now I feel so aligned to my vision. I have clarity and relief, like a heavy object has been lifted off my shoulders. Heather knew exactly how I wanted to show up and share my story. I would not have been able to do that without her non-judgmental, welcoming, and understanding support.

Heather entered my past, present, and future. She will make you feel aligned and heard.

Naz G.
Women's Health Coach, Podcast Host, Owner of The Wellness Boutique by Naz


3 Stories That Build A Trusted Brand

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  • Three types of stories that build a trusted brand
  • Where to find these stories in your life
  • How to seamlessly weave these stories into your brand's bigger message

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I write about growth, grief, trusting yourself, taking the leap, relationships, travel, and most things in between.

It's a great way to observe storytelling in action so you can apply the concepts to your content.

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