let's work together

Authentic, engaging, and effective social media videos for travel and hospitality brands

ugc creator, video editor, and drone pilot based in washington, d.c.


let's work together

Authentic, engaging, and effective social media videos for travel and hospitality brands

ugc creator, video editor, and drone pilot based in washington, d.c.


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Your brand deserves to stand out, shine, and be seen on social media

It's clear that what used to work on social media isn't working anymore.

It's no longer enough to only share photos. Trending audio is no longer a guarantee to go viral. Posts from influencers who clearly don't use the products no longer resonate. 

Today's consumers want real. Real people's real experiences with products and services. Real connections with the brands and influencers they buy from. They want stories and recommendations from a trusted friend, not salesy ads.

Is your brand giving the people what they want?

but it's frustrating when you're putting in the work and not seeing the results

Hey there! I'm Heather, your brand's social media secret weapon

The algorithm isn't against you; you just need to feed it what it wants

The algorithm finds and pushes out content that viewers engage with in the hopes of keeping people on the app longer. With the right video framework to hook, the right messaging to compel, a clear call to action to engage, and some old-fashion consistency and patience, there is absolutely no reason your brand can't achieve metrics like these:

from this

to this

from this

to this

let's give your social media a glow up

Outsource to me and I'll turn your raw footage into Reels or TikToks so you can stay consistent with your social media goals and post content that works

Video Editing (IG + TikTok)

Paid ads and organic videos from the user-perspective strategically designed to boost engagement and drive conversions for your brand

User Generated Content (UGC)

content creation services

Refresh and elevate your social media content and marketing materials with epic aerial footage and dreamy, cinematic drone shots

Drone + Aerial Footage




Per video: $250+
Per ad tester bundle: $650+
Per monthly contract: $1000+

Starting $750 per project

Starting $750 per project

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Meet your content creator

I'm a traveler, writer, speaker, founder, breathworker, and soul searcher who loves playing squash, reading a good book, contemplating life's deepest questions, and hates to miss a sunset. 

My background is in marketing but my passion is storytelling. Using words, images, movement, and sound, my mission is to create content that achieves your brand's social media goals.

Marketing professional by trade

Storyteller, wanderluster at heart

client review: daisy m.

"Heather helped me refine my ideas and turn them into a structure and plan. We've moved from frantic confusion to calm reassurance. She guided my brand to the areas we perform best and showed us our strengths aren't just good -- they are excellent! She is the best of the best to support you in scaling your impact and income."

"The value of Heather's service is unmatched. She is an epic storyteller and brand builder."

  • Brand in travel and hospitality, such as tourism boards, hotels, Airbnbs, bed & breakfasts, glamping, airlines, transportation, tour companies, activities or excursions (like boat cruises, hot air balloons, picnics, kayaking), restaurants, bars, speakeasies, etc.
  • Travel necessities like luggage, packing cubes, eye masks, etc.
  • Travel friendly brands like travel-sized products, convertible shoes, compact products, etc.
  • Wellness practices like massage studios, float spas, acupuncture and cupping, cold plunges, etc.
  • Wellness products like skincare brands, CBD supplements, wellness devices, etc.
  • Locally owned, women-owned, and LGBTQ+ owned businesses

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Based in  Washington, D.C.
Serving clients worldwide

ugc creator + video editor