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UGC Creator & Video Editor for Travel, Hospitality, and Wellness Brands

based in washington, dc and traveling worldwide


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UGC Creator & Video Editor for Travel, Hospitality, and Wellness Brands

based in washington, dc and traveling worldwide


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Marketing in 2024 is different

Social media and the creator economy have flipped traditional marketing on its head, and it's essential for your brand to be able to keep up.

While we can't predict the future, we do know what is resonating with consumers right now:

✓ They want to see
real people sharing their real experiences with your brand
✓ They want to buy from brands and influencers they know, like, and trust
✓ They want marketing to feel like a story
✓ They want to consume video content
✓ They have very short attention spans

It can be a lot to produce the volume and *quality*
 of content that you desire. If you're feeling overwhelmed or stretched thin, it's not your fault! If you're looking for support, I know someone who can help...

I'm Heather, a UGC creator and video storytelling expert. I'd love to create content for you and be a part of your brand's success!

I turn your raw clips and b-roll videos into high-converting UGC ads and engaging organic posts for Instagram or TikTok. I can assist with concept & script development, recording voiceovers, and more 

Reels + TikTok Editing

Paid ads and organic posts for your Instagram or TikTok campaigns. I offer a wide range of support from researching, concept and script development, filming, editing, A/B testing, and usage rights.

User Generated Content (UGC)


With my experience in marketing, branding, and as a multi-business owner, I offer a unique perspective on messaging, strategy, storytelling, positioning, and more. I also mentor newer business owners and help them get up and running

Brand Consulting & Mentorship

UGC videos starting $200/video
Packages starting $1200/month

Starting $750/month

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From depressed corporate climber to empowered creative entrepreneur

My story

I always dreamed of traveling the world and knew I'd find a way to make that happen. I eventually settled into a cushy consulting job, making six figures and traveling to places like Bali, Argentina, and India on my holidays. Success! Or so I thought. From the outside, it looked like I was living the dream. But on the inside, I was miserable.

At 26 years old, my world imploded. Amidst death, depression, and my deepest failures, the next several years led me on the devastatingly and heartbreakingly beautiful journey of self-discovery and resilience.

at 25 years old i was certain i'd cracked the code to success. then it all fell apart.

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Based in  Washington, D.C.
Serving clients worldwide

ugc creator + video editor