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Heather opened my eyes to my own story. The fog of my origin story was finally lifted Heather helped me dig up the roots of my business and visualise my starting point in a way that I can use to my benefit and to further grow my business.

I kind of wish I could meet Heather for the first time again because that feeling of being flooded with clarity is unmatched

Jess J.
Founder of The TMRW Collective

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I'm a chronic over-sharer, introspective empath, and highly-sensitive person who never quite fit in as a consultant for a Fortune 10 company.

I knew the corporate hustle wasn't for me. I struggled to grasp data that made my right brain spin and I hated working for men who got so angry they threw markers across the room. Yeah, that happened.

My dad's death ignited a fire of self-reckoning that led me to quit my career, find entrepreneurship, and eventually create Storytellher Co.

Doing so brought me back to a skill that has always felt like home and now I get to spend my days helping women uncover and share their stories with others to create more impact in the world.

I'm on a mission to change the face of online marketing so that shared experiences, genuine human connection, and the transformative power of our stories are at the forefront.

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